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Our services are consistently reviewed and updated to deliver the highest quality training available today. Please keep checking this section for the latest in Tetrahedron Group's products. For any questions, concerns or comments; please e-mail info@tetrahedron-group.com. We look forward to hearing about your needs, and providing results driven solutions.

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Our instructors heritage and training comes from military Special Operations and Special Missions community tested in real world applications. Most of our instructors have overseas live action experience spanning over the past 20 years. Due to our free learning environment, our instructors consistently train and hone skills to deliver the highest quality training and services available today. Combined we provide over 100 years of Special Operations training and Martial Science experience. We train and focus on life saving skills, the ability to engage a target does not always make for the best choice in survival. Reaction training and having the skills needed can be the edge that leads to success.
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